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24 April 2010

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Portrait of Patagonia
4 February 2010

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Once In a Blue Moon
31 December 2009

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Cliff Dwelling Entrance
30 December 2009

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16 December 2009

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28 November 2009

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A Toast to Fall
17 November 2009

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8 October 2009

Recent Comments

Josh on Tourquoise Sea
beautiful imagery

Maria Ruggiero on Tourquoise Sea
So Beautiful I love it

David Legg on Swiss Alps
I love the composition.

David Legg on Tourquoise Sea
A beautiful exposure, and a great composition. Very nice.

David Legg on Sonoma Sun
A really interesting subject, and well-lit.

@Look on California Redbud
A nice explosion of colours ! Jean

Julie L. Brown on Redbuds and the Merced River
You are right-red is not the color! Nice environmental shot here, Barbara. I'm jealous that you are in Yosemite. I ...

Julie L. Brown on California Redbud
Beautiful color. I love, love, love redbuds!

DarkElf on California Redbud
interesting composition with fine colour tones! i like how the pink flowers are offset nicely against the lush greens ...

omid on California Redbud
wooow! very nice!!! so beautiful colors!

Soheil on California Redbud
nice shot well done

B. Thomas on Redbuds and the Merced River
Lovely. Great color.

@Look on Redbuds and the Merced River
Wonderful explosion of colours ! Kind regards Jean

DarkElf on Redbuds and the Merced River
the colours tones are superb as are the depth and sharpness in this photo!

Barbara Kile on Redbuds and the Merced River
So lovely!

john4jack on Redbuds and the Merced River

Jerry on Redbuds and the Merced River
I just happened to find your blog for the first time, great portfolio. I like the pastel look of this picture, and you ...

Denny Jump Photo on Redbuds and the Merced River
This is a wonderful composition, Barbara! The redbuds sprinkled throughout! We are seeing them back this way now, too. ...

omid on Redbuds and the Merced River
very nice! so beautiful colors!

L'angevine on Redbuds and the Merced River

Julie L. Brown on Swiss Alps
Nice composition. I like the green in the scene. The gravel path of the glacier shows how much has melted.

Julie L. Brown on Sonoma Sun
I personally like backlit subjects, and you filled the foreground with just enough light.

David Crane on Golden Door at Pfeiffer Arch, Big Sur
This looks like the ocean version of the Horsetail falls in Yosemite in February.

DarkElf on Sonoma Sun
the branches are glowing so wonderfully and positively here as if they have been energised with some natural energy! ...

Andrea on Tourquoise Sea
Great textures.

Andrea on Blue Hour at Pfeiffer Arch, Big Sur
That is really stunning. I much prefer it to the iconic shot, because it is yours, and not just a shot to cross off a ...

JanetFugett on Sonoma Sun
Outstanding light!

Barbara Kile on Sonoma Sun
You captured some outstanding light! How far are you from Sonoma? I'm thinking we need to come out and do some ...

Calusarus on Sonoma Sun
This lighting is like a poem

L'Angevine on Sonoma Sun
intéressant avec cette lumière

omid on Sonoma Sun
very nice!

clodagh smith on Sonoma Sun
awesome light

MissT on Tourquoise Sea
Fabulous color!!

DarkElf on Tourquoise Sea
excellent photo! love the composition at longer focal length allowing to focus on the rock detail and the wonderful ...

john4jack on Tourquoise Sea
beautiful. fine pov

Denny Jump Photo on Tourquoise Sea
I am glad you did, Barbara...I understand what you say, but I try to shoot whenever I can..ya never in ...

Baldwin VW on Tourquoise Sea
Fantastic water colors, impressive !!!

omid on Tourquoise Sea
very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas on Tourquoise Sea
wow the colour is really striking!

Barbara Kile on Tourquoise Sea
Yes, I love the color of the ocean!

DarkElf on Swiss Alps
wonderfully detailed and sharp photo! the range of tones and textures is really great here and you composed the entire ...

B. Thomas on Swiss Alps
Great shot. The same thing is going on with Glaciers in Alaska, and even Glacier National Park. It is worrisome.

Steven on Swiss Alps
Beautiful colors and textures captured in the alps! I love how the alps are touching the clouds.

Francisco Romero on Swiss Alps
Fantastic landscape. Great image.

omid on Swiss Alps
very nice & beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aubélia on Swiss Alps
Beautiful landscape.

Bill Brown on Swiss Alps
Gorgeous! The glacier melt is definitely a worrisome trend.

David Legg on Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone
This is other-worldly. My wife was just saying today that I need to go to Yellowstone! I think she is right.

DarkElf on Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone
another wonderful composition with superb and interesting textures! i think corners will always attract a touch of ...

john4jack on Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone
very nice indeed

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